Stewart World Port is a Canadian company dedicated to responsible port development, management, and operations in Stewart, British Columbia. The multipurpose port facility is located at the end of the Portland Canal two kilometers south of the town of Stewart.


The construction of the deep sea wharf is complete and operational. It is capable of receiving and shipping all manner of break bulk cargo.

The third phase of construction includes concentrate sheds, conveying systems, and shiploader for outbound bulk cargo.

Stewart World Port’s modern facility offers the latest in loading and storage technology to ensure customer cargo is handled efficiently and effectively.


Stewart is ideally located at the end of the deep water Portland Canal and within one of the most resource rich areas of North America. As Canada’s most northerly ice free port, Stewart has paved access to British Columbia, Alberta, and the Yukon.  The port provides companies with a viable shipping alternative, up to a full day advantage to Asian markets over southern ports, favourable climate, low winds, and excellent anchorage. Stewart World Port’s customer base includes projects, mining, forestry, and oil and gas.

Port Plan

SWP Plan with Wind Rose